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Below the 2019 tour.

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Rammed Earth House, 43 Bay View Drive, Bar Harbor

Built from subsoil excavated from basement. 5kw solar array plus solar hot water. Composting toilets. Daylighting. Triple pane windows with different e coefficients for south-facing, north-facing, and east/west-facing windows. Passive solar design. Interior doors, cabinets, beams, and floors of re-used wood. Re-used elements from older cabin. Low energy use lighting. High efficiency wood stove.


Straw Bale House 126 Oak Hill Rd, Somesville near Whitney Farm Rd

Cradle to Cradle, this is sustainable construction. Straw Bales are considered a waste product from farming, but stacked up like Legos and sealed with stucco and plaster, they can become a well insulated wall. By using straw this way, instead of letting them rot or be burned, we are storing the carbon they hold. Construction can go from being of minimal impact to the environment as possible, to actually having a beneficial impact.


Greener Green House -1 Echo Woods Rd, Southwest Harbor

Our year-round greenhouse works with a simple system similar to radiant floor heat. The hot air from the top of the greenhouse is moved underground via fans to warm the soil. This warm air keeps the plant roots warm and happy. On cold days, the fans move the warmth from the soil back into the greenhouse. The greenhouse is one year old and our goal is to keep the temperatures above 50and below 100. This project is an experiment where we hope to grow foods that we like but usually cannot grow in Maine.  Currently we have banana, coffee, avocado, lemon, turmeric, ginger and sweet potatoes among other plants growing inside this structure.

Cwik Greenhouse photo 09 30 19.JPG

Spruce Pines II, 61 Latty Cove Rd, Tremont

A design that was inspired by the dramatic site but also adheres to the highest of energy efficient approaches. It integrates sustainable materials, organic shapes with the most advanced technology and understanding of energy performance. Designed by Four Winds, Timber Frame by Mike Smiley, Panelized shell by Ecocor, finish carpentry by Steve Swanson.

Exterior Curve 3-Wind cor.jpg

Prud’homme Home, 99 Old Point Rd, Bernard
This house was designed by GO Logic in Belfast, and is highly energy efficient. The 12 inches of insulation in the walls, 20+ inches in the ceiling, and insulated foundation give this building a well-protected envelope of warmth for the winter. The windows and doors are from Germany, and have triple-paned glass, which allowed us to have plenty of light throughout the house. The heat is electric baseboard and the woodstove, as well as passive solar. It was built in the winter of 2017-2018.

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