FOUR WINDS is a sustainable building design firm on Mt Desert Island that will work with you and your vision to develop a unique design that are energy efficient, comfortable and fit your lifestyle.  Sustainability is the basis of our approach and reflections the values we hold dear. 

We offer building design with the esthetic sensibility of an artist and extensive technical understanding. For most of our designs we provide energy performance analysis/consulting and follow through with project management. We prefer to create a team early in a project, with you, engineers, contractors and subcontractors. By engaging the knowledge and experience of all those working on a project, we see better quality work and hope everyone can take pride in achieving the client's established goal.  

  Living in one of the most beautiful places on earth and being part of a small vibrant community, we are constantly reminded to value our resources, both material and human. Over the years we have found it key to enjoying working with others and being successful.



Meredith Randolph is a building designer who listens. She is not about building her monument, rather shaping your vision. She works seamlessly with contractors, the best of whom she knows. She lends experience to get the form right, the function effective, and thoughtful attention to sustaining the earth in all elements of water, earth, fire and air.  Meredith crafts lovely spaces.  A joy to be around.                                                                                    -An appreciative client